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Lack of time, a new poverty

You do not have to fall into poverty because you have us, VIPPA-BCN. We make sure that «time thieves» don’t steal it so you can enjoy it. «The thieves of time» is the name of Cosima Dannoritzer’s latest documentary, which was presented this week at DOCSBARCELONA. SYNOPSIS: There is a new resource that everyone wants… […]

Reopening of the Sant Antoni Market

On May 23, 2018, the doors of the Sant Antoni Market reopened after 9 years of improvement work. Its inauguration took place on May 26th and it was a great celebration with more than 22 activities and events related to tradition and culture. The Sant Antoni Market is one of the most important markets in […]

El Aeropuerto de Barcelona – El Prat ya opera vuelos directos a China

A la espera de la construcción de la futura terminal intercontinental de vuelos, el aeropuerto de Barcelona sigue inaugurando conexiones directas. Además de su oferta cada vez más atractiva, el vuelo directo de Barcelona a Pekín, operado por Air China, está disponible desde el pasado mes de marzo, con una frecuencia de 4 vuelos directos […]

The Barcelona Airport – El Prat already operates direct flights to China

Pending the construction of the future intercontinental flight terminal, Barcelona’s airport continues to inaugurate direct connections. In addition to its increasingly attractive offer, the direct flight from Barcelona to Beijing, operated by Air China, it is available since last March, with a frequency of 4 direct flights per week. Soon the airport will have another […]

Barcelona City Council encourages the adoption of abandoned animals

Barcelona City Council has placed some statues in different parts of the city of Barcelona that correspond to real abandoned dogs that are currently in the Rescued Animal Centre of Barcelona (Caab) waiting to be adopted. Each statue has an identification plate with a QR code that allows users to browse the Animal Welfare Council’s […]