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Last week, the VIPPA-BCN team attended one of the parades of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. As we are here to keep abreast of what is happening in Barcelona, before telling our experience and for those who do not know us yet, let us explain to you what is the fashion catwalk 080.

The 080 catwalk, also known as Barcelona’s Fashion Week, was born in July 2007. It was created to promote and give visibility to independent designers at the national level and within the framework of Catalan Fashion Plan (2007-2010). With this initiative, the fashion promoters intend to reactivate the textile sector through independent creators, commercializing their creations and collections nationally and internationally.

The winners in the last edition 2017 were for the 080 Week of January:

Best Emerging Design Award: DANIEL ROSA.
Award for the Best Collection: ANTONIO MIRÓ and OSCAR LEÓN.
MODACC Award for the Best Collection of International Brands: ESCORPION.

And for the July 2017 edition:

Best Emerging Design Award: MIETIS.
Prize for the Best Collection: ELENA ESTAUN.
MODACC Award for the Best Collection of International Brands: TORRAS.

And in the 080 January edition the winners are:

Best Emerging Design Award: JAIME ÁLVAREZ.
Prize for the Best Collection: BRAIN & BEST AND KRIZIA ROBUSTELLA.
MODACC Award for the Best Collection of International Brands: NAULOVER

On Wednesday, January 31st at 6:30 pm, in the renovated Art Nouveau building of the Sant Pau Hospital, there was the VIPPA-BCN team to witness the Miquel Suay parade.

Miquel Suay was born in Xátiva (Valencia) and embodies the second generation of a family dedicated to the world of fashion for more than 40 years.

He presented a masculine collection with a very sophisticated style. Shirts, jackets and suits with Italian tendency directed to an avant-garde man combining the baroque with the abstract instinctive concept. The mixture serves to strategically combine the expressionist forms of Motherwell with the meticulous perfectionist details of the baroque decoration of the Church of St. Nicholas, all on a typical basis of patterns of Italian high tailoring.



With an unconventional style, the staging was reinforced with dim light and powerful electronic rhythms that made the audience applaud at the end of the parade. Among the public, there were a lot of students, future fashion designers, some dressed in a short vest and sportswear combinations, leopard jackets, including hats, sunglasses, necklines, high heels and lots of glamour.

See you soon!