We inaugurate our section “It’s Friday” talking about health.

Talking about health and how a good rest can increase productivity.



We will talk about the benefits of a good rest on our health and the guidelines to follow to wake up every day with the desire to work with the peace of mind that everything is under control.


The benefits for our health ar many- The recommended sleep time for adults by the OMS is 7 to 9 hours a day and, one very important thing, naps should be a maximum of 20 minutes!



– Sleep restores physical and mental health

– Sleeping the necessary hours prevents overweight and weight control protects our heart.

– It helps us feel fitter, helps us have better concentration and memory during the day.

– Our body relaxes while we sleep and produces hormones that help us feel happier. Conversely, in situations of insomnia, stress-related hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) increase in the blood, which increases blood pressure and heart rate.

– Sleep deprivation makes it difficult to learn and perform tasks, so rest increases our productivity at work.

– It helps the immune system to function properly.



– BEDROOM: It should have a cosy atmosphere. The bed is the centre of the room, so it should have a firm mattress, a duvet that is not too heavy and sheets with a soft texture that should smell good (essential oils or use an air purifier). Surround yourself with large cushions to maintain an upright posture. Wear comfortable pyjamas, make sure that light and noise do not bother you and that the temperature is pleasant, and make your bed every day because when you come in at night to rest you will be very grateful!


– TV, MOBILE PHONES AND TABLETS: Forget about them at bedtime because the blue light emitted by these devices alters the sleep cycle by interacting with the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you rest. You should turn them off about 2 hours before going to sleep. Get into bed with a good book, listen to music or take the opportunity to meditate!


– EXERCISE: It is good to do physical exercise, but not just before going to sleep.  Avoid stimulating drinks, alcohol and heavy meals during the day.


– ROUTINE: It is good to keep a routine every day, including weekends. We should always go to bed and get up at the same time.


– WORK: It is forbidden to take work to bed, papers, computer or anything else related to work.


VIPPA-BCN hopes that you include these routines in your goals for 2022 and you know that if you have any pending tasks that you have to take to bed you can delegate part of them to us and be able to achieve the goal of a perfect rest.


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