Entradas por Marta


Hi everybody! Christmas has come back to Barcelona and there is nothing more endearing than going for a walk through its lighted and lively streets. The Christmas season is undoubtedly the perfect time to enjoy selecting the most traditional Christmas decorations, having a hot chocolate with “churros” snack with the children and being surprised by […]


Hi everybody! A few weeks ago we presented one of the most imposing palaces overlooking Barcelona’s Ramblas, the Palau de La Virreina. The Ramblas are, by their own merit, the most internationally recognized avenues in Barcelona and also one of the must-see places of the city. La Rambla has many spaces and secrets waiting to […]

Interview with Tamiko

  Hi all! In VIPPA-BCN, we had been wanting for some time to do an interview with a foreign person living in Barcelona since we find it very interesting (and it is important for us) to know their opinions and vision of our city. In order to do so, we asked one of our clients […]


Hi everybody! On this occasion, the VIPPA-BCN team has visited the reference museum of Barcelona and Catalonia, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), to discover all its secrets and also to encourage you to visit it. Almost all major European capitals have their own world-renowned art museum, such as El Prado (Madrid), The British Museum […]


Hi everybody! Barcelona is a city that lives culture in a very intense way, with dozens of centres of first line and of great interest such as the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), the Museu Picasso, the Miró Foundation, the MAPFRE Foundation or CaixaForum, to mention just the most outstanding. Some of them we […]


Hi everybody! If you like to enjoy nature and contact with animals, this time we will propose a perfect activity for the whole family. The VIPPA-BCN team has visited Molló Parc, a beautiful animal park located in the town of Molló, in the Camprodon Valley, province of Girona, about 140 kilometres from Barcelona. In its […]

Back to School

  September arrived after three months without schedules and without many early mornings for the older ones and with almost no rules for the younger ones. Returning to routine is difficult and the adaptation process is hard for everyone. But even so, September is a very good month to take stock of what we’ve been […]


Hi everybody! In Barcelona there are two private cultural centres belonging to the Obra Social de “la Caixa”, CaixaForum and CosmoCaixa. Today we are going to talk to you about CaixaForum Barcelona, located at 6-8 Avenida Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, in the Montjuïc Park, which is, by its own merits, one of the most important […]


In this post we want to tell you about Montserrat, known for being the most important and emblematic rocky massif in Catalonia. The word “mont” means mountain and “serrat” means sawed in Catalan. The name is given because of its peculiar morphology, in which it seems as if it had been sawed with a giant saw. The capricious […]