Hi everybody!

At VIPPA-BCN, your local personal assistant company in Barcelona, we are passionate about keeping you up with the most interesting new things happening around us so that you can always feel comfortable in Barcelona. This time, we are going to start this post by asking you a question. Is there a word that can define the best possible link between travelling, making friends and eating good food? COME + MEET + EAT = COMEAT!

And what’s COMEAT? COMEAT is a new concept, a different experience that fosters the relationship between local and foreign residents. You don’t know yet anyone because you just got here and it’s hard to find an easy way to make friends? Do you have trouble finding the ideal situation to meet new people? If your answers are yes, just choose the date that best fits in your calendar. For a reasonable price, this new option, which is already available here after have succeeded in Copenhagen, Istanbul or Milan, will allow you to enjoy a pleasant evening in a private home. You’ll discover new culinary proposals prepared by your hosts that night while chatting with the rest of the guests, both local and from other countries, in a relaxed atmosphere, and you’ll know beforehand the menu that will be served, always taking into account all the details.

COMEAT is a social network of people who have in common the passion for travelling, knowing delicious culinary proposals and meeting new friends, based on the certainty that when you travel, the best and most authentic experiences happen when you meet local residents. As a traveller, you will have access to the host network and other travellers, a relatively good price for a meal without commercial purpose and the chance to discover the city and its culture in a different way. Through Facebook or the platform the guests can check the dates available and sign up for a dinner, find out more about their host profiles, read about who they are, if they cook vegetarian or gluten-free food, see their photos, their home and their food and also read comments from other guests who have already been there. It’s that simple! Prices in Barcelona range from 5 – 15 € per guest per dinner.

And if what you want is to be the host… it’s also possible! Opening your home to new friends also has its advantages because you can socialize with your different guests, cook your favourite recipes for them with a little cost, practice your English and, above all, meet people from other parts of the world.

COMEAT is the key to a whole new experience that will allow you to make friends naturally sitting around a table. Have you already chosen a date for your first dinner with COMEAT?

See you soon!