The boys: First season in Amazon Prime Video

Yesterday, July 23, 2019, we attended the premiere of the TV series “The Boys” that will present its first season next Friday in Amazon Prime Video.

A TV series based on the comic “The Boys” by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson presents us a cruel, corrupt and godless superheroes who use their powers irresponsibly putting many people in danger in a society where everything is allowed, as long as they are trying to save a life.

We find it a very interesting TV series because of the similarities with our current society and the celebrity we are creating to those we have deified so much that they believe they can act as they please. Everything has a price and if you want to join the group you will have to jump through the hoop.

We all know the human and superhuman part of superheroes. You can’t miss the inhuman part!


Magnolia Bakery and Bingo Brunch will be installed for a month in Barcelona.

From Friday 14 June until 14 July, an exclusive space opens its doors in the Hotel 1898.

This hotel will host the pop up of Magnolia Bakery, in the purest Sex and the city style that visually recreates the iconic New York store.

Magnolia Bakery’s New York team prepares and serves everything from Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite cupcake “the Carrie Cake” (a vanilla cupcake coated with pink vanilla butter cream and decorated with daisies) to her classic banana pudding.

In addition, Bingo Brunch arrives in Barcelona for the first time. A new format directed by a drag queen who will sing the numbers to the audience while they enjoy a spectacular New York brunch, accompanied by cocktails and a DJ.

You can’t miss it!

The Formula 1 Emirates Grand Prix of Spain 2019

April 30 and May 1 marked the 25th anniversary of the deaths of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna.

This year, the Circuit de Catalunya team wanted to pay tribute to them with a very nice gesture; fulfilling Ayrton’s last wish by taking the Brazilian and Austrian flags to the podium.

The Formula 1 Emirates Grand Prix of Spain 2019 will take place at the Circuit de Catalunya, on 10, 11 and 12 May. Don’t miss it!

Tickets at info@vippa-bcn.com



Horrorland come back for Christmas. A theme park in Barcelona dedicated to terror

Horrorland is a concept of leisure and entertainment never seen in the country. It was the first Scream Park in southern Europe. A theme park entirely of terror with Haunted Houses, shows, Escape Room and much more that opened its doors for 15 days during the 2018 Halloween season.

The next 28, 29 and December 30 reopens its doors according to a statement from the organization. His new proposal is a “terrifying Christmas” where visitors can, for example, take the letter to a bloodthirsty Santa Claus or face the most dangerous goblins. Tickets went on sale on Wednesday, October 24.


CEO’S dinner: Chamber International of Entrepreneurs of Barcelona

Yesterday, June 20, VIPPA-BCN had the pleasure of attending the CEO Dinner within the Excelsior CEOs Club. The event took place at the Indigo Barcelona Hotel at 21.00h.

A pleasure to share your ideas with entrepreneurs and professionals involved with their ideas and their businesses. A pleasure to share a dinner with people who, like you, share their past, their present and above all their future and are able to convince you. A pleasure to meet people that enjoy Barcelona the same as we do and aim to share their dream.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity and see you next time! Which I’m sure will be very soon.

Here we leave you with the photos of the event




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