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Vincent Van Gogh in Barcelona

Yesterday, March 14, the “Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience” was inaugurated in the Port Vell of Barcelona and VIPPA-BCN was there.

This 90-minutes walk is based on the knowledge and experience of the Van Gogh Museum. An itinerant 3D experience that invites visitors to travel through the fascinating life of Vincent van Gogh. It explores the history of the man behind the painter and the motifs of his art.

The visit is made through an audio guide and through life-size projections of works, photographs and film fragments, detailed reproductions, interactive multimedia and applications, stage theatrical pieces, audiovisual scenes and quotations from more than 800 letters. The audio guide brings to life numerous figures: Vincent van Gogh himself, his brother Theo, his sister-in-law Jo Bonger, his parents and other key players.

Surrounded by theatrical scenes from places such as the Parisian café Le Tambourin, the Saint-Rémy hospital where Van Gogh was for a while in and the Yellow House in Arles, visitors are transported back to key places in Vincent’s life. Reproductions of Van Gogh’s palette and other materials are true to real life. You can use a perspective frame like Vincent’s, and even the famous pair of shoes depicted in one of his famous works has been faithfully reproduced.

In the opening scene, you find yourself in the middle of the wheat field where Van Gogh was mortally wounded. Alarmed by a gunshot that sounds, you see crows fluttering in the sky, you feel the Provencal breeze and you hear Van Gogh’s voice quoting one of his last letters to his brother Theo. You become an integral part of this realistic scene.

It’s a complete experience where education and entertainment go hand in hand and you can enjoy it until June 2, 2019.

You can’t miss it!