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VIP AfterWork Event. Barcelona Aquarium

Yesterday VIPPA-BCN was invited to the VIP Afterwork event held at the Aquarium of Barcelona.

A great reception and after the identifications, we deposited in a fishbowl our business card to enter in the draw of; A bath among sharks!

After the identification we entered the enclosure. A walk through an environment full of nature and all the species of fish you can imagine, octopus, tropical fish and poisonous fish, a great catwalk where the great bull shark walked, among others. You walked submerged between sharks and other species and where they explained to us what the name of dorada comes from, they showed us the moray eels and taught us how to distinguish between a male and female shark.

We ended the visit in a large room surrounded by fish and penguins where a brunch with good music took place. Vegetarian burgers that looked like meat, foie baskets, ham with square beaks and fritters of Manchego cheese, among other delicacies and to finish the afternoon, the draw for the bath between sharks and; Don’t you know who were the lucky ones?


We can’t wait for the day. What a great experience!

We would like to thank the Aquarium of Barcelona for the invitate as it was a very pleasant afternoon and full of surprises because they have a lot of unforgettable experiences that you can not miss. If you have something to celebrate, contact us at