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At Parapente Aventura we put everything: knowledge, experience and material. You just have to put the illusion to enjoy the flight and let yourself go. Tandem paragliding does not require any prior knowledge and is the safest, most comfortable and fun way to experience the sensation of flying and flowing with the wind. Anyone can do it, young, old and even children (with the permission of their parents or legal guardians and their presence during the activity). To develop the activity it is not necessary to have a special physical form, specific age, or previous knowledge. If you have any mobility difficulty or disability, by notifying us in advance, we can adapt specifically to help you and that you enjoy it equally. All you need is suitable footwear such as trekking shoes or sports shoes. For the passenger’s own safety, we do not allow flying in flip-flops, sandals or similar. Bring sun protection, a drink to hydrate yourself and a light coat in case of cold weather. Sunglasses are also recommended.

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